Vehicle Velocity: Finished Vehicles by Air

"In terms of excellence, Expeditors' team had been in close contact to support the critical transportation of prototype-finished vehicles using air transportation. We needed a logistics partner that understood the solutions required for secure, on-time, and compliant delivery." 

Imran Ahmed 

Manager-Sectional Head, Operation Management, Import & Logistics 

Pak Suzuki Motor Company Ltd.


The Opportunity 

The focus on the launch of a new vehicle required close attention to Pak Suzuki’s demands and deadline commitments. The handling of prototypes with utmost care was crucial to ensuring that parts were damage-free and secured in transit. However, this process is often a complex one as vehicles are often specifically designed for testing before sale.

We are proud to establish our expertise in finished vehicles by air as the continued legacy of customized solutions remains successful. Expeditors effectively managed the transportation of air shipments of six new model vehicles and one vehicle body from Karachi, Pakistan to Narita, Japan.

  • Critically important prototype finished vehicles
  • Safe handling and securing for airfreight transportation
  • Compliant documentation and customs processing 
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Our Solution: Going Above and Beyond  

The movement took place in parts: two vehicles moved per flight while the specialist, Air Export team, remained close to the vehicles during transportation and at the airport until the cargo was safely secured and loaded onto the aircraft. Close attention to the security measures was carefully considered, including the category of dangerous cargo in order to avoid any disruption in delivery.  

Expertise was imperative:

  • Transportation management to meet imperative deadlines
  • The security of cargo ensured no compliance issues throughout
  • Avoidance of damage maintains reputation and brand image

Customer Satisfaction Throughout

Our strong, ongoing customer relationship with Pak Suzuki ensures challenges are always minimized. The knowledge and experience in managing the documentation, cargo loading, and seamless transportation were provided not just once but ongoing for finished vehicles using air. Our team worked with approved air cargo partners, closely watching and inspecting throughout to achieve the successful movement for our customer.  

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The Results

Pak Suzuki was completed satisfied with our services and thanked us for the smooth, timely, and successful movement of their vehicles. We are looking forward to more opportunities with Pak Suzuki and aim to maintain our standards and provide the best services as always. 

The Extra Mile

A trained and experienced team was established, already having experience in moving such cargo followed by their expertise, knowledge related to the product, and good relations based on past extraordinary services to Pak Suzuki Motor Company Ltd.  

The team stayed proactive in terms of communication with the customer, making sure all requirements were fulfilled. This lead to the smooth and successful completion of the vehicle movement along with positive feedback from Pak Suzuki, fulfilling our customer service goal of 100% customer satisfaction 100% of the time. 

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